Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Should We Judge or Not Judge? [Part Two]

3. We Should Judge

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  1. That was really good for we all face a situation where in a church meeting you are listening to the teaching or preaching which have been bended just to meet horoscopic self satisfied interpretation...and what do you do...when such message is heard by all....unbelievers( new comers), new believers, and so on...can we keep quiet? Yes we did for more than a year we thought it has to be corrected for wrong interpretations can be as much as disease to almost a same level of false teaching which could corrupt a church...and so I like it when you said lovingly with facts. Bro..we have seen remaining silent to wrong interpretations really doesn't help but it makes the body of believers confused, distracted, and sometimes even diffuses or kills the truth of the perfect Word of God.