Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Name Is Tradition


There are some truths in me and some lies.
To be honest, there is less truth in me and more lies.
And as you might know, a little truth is more dangerous,
Than an outright lie which is less treacherous.

People chase me blindly and do so without reason;
They follow me zealously, like their forefathers did, in and out of season;
Folks adore me and don’t bother with any questions;
They want to be left alone with their purposeless superstitions.

Here is my charisma and great feat;
People simply tend to lose their minds at my feet.
Not just the ignorant, but also the ones with intelligence;
They dance around me like gullible fools without hesitance.

My power thrives on people’s ignorance,
I enslave them in their arrogance;
And those who dare question my credibility
Are quickly silenced by the society.

Beware, those who challenge and deny me,
Make themselves my bitter enemy.
They face rejection and slander,
For becoming Truth’s defender.

My loyal servants cannot tolerate,
Reasonable people whom they oppose and berate;
They’d rather have ignorance and blind belief,
Than embrace Truth and acknowledge their misbelief.

For so they esteem me in their foolish minds,
Exchanging God’s Truth for mindless trends;
They defend me with such a zeal,
That even makes Truth seem so unreal.

Yeah, my name is tradition,
I am so loved and admired by those who've lost their reason.


Note: This poetry is about the traditions which are unbiblical, which unfortunately is what is prevailing in our society.



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